Saturday, August 11, 2012

What time is is????? GAME TIME!

I'm only 3 days away from starting a new year in 3rd grade!  Teaching, like my career in basketball, comes naturally for me...but the inevitable butterflies that I used to get before my games are here just the same for teaching.  I know I can do it...I'm prepared...I'm pumped...but those nerves that used to hit the hardest right during the National Anthem are here now.  I've decorated my room and I'm slowly getting a grip on the curriculum, but the same thought gets me each year at this time.  I will impact lives this year.  My words and actions need to be chosen carefully because they have such tremendous power to hurt or heal...criticize or praise...discourage or inspire.  Take a look into my room and i'll get back with you once the kiddos get here!

Sports Theme!!!!  I love it!

All-Star Helper Board
Brain break bucket
Our team! 
Student of the week board
Basketball theme clip chart
Welcome note
John Wooden's Pyramid of Success
Improvement incentive board

Keep on shining!