Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Very Special Guest!!!!!

If one would could describe Tanya Crevier that would be it! ENTHUSIASM! Tanya Crevier is the World's Best female basketball handler.  She has traveled around the world displaying her skills and sharing with people from prisons, to NBA games to my first graders! Tanya has been a lifelong friend of mine and was in the area this week and graciously came to give our Wednesday morning a exciting boost!  
She encouraged my students with the following things:
-"If you mess up, NEVER GIVE UP!"
-"Readers become leaders."
- "Finish what you start."
-"When you keeps the happy in your heart."
Eating pudding with a ball spinning on the spoon!
My students had the opportunity to each get a basketball spun on their finger, eat pudding from a spoon with a spinning ball, and show off a few tricks of our own.  It's too bad every Wednesday can't start with a pep talk from Tanya!  

Happy Hump Day!

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