Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello Blogging World...

Well, after my recent encounters with Pinterest, TPT, and many awesome teacher blogs, I have now ventured into the world of blogging.  I have no idea what to expect or if I will even be able to keep it up, but here goes nothing!  I don't have kids yet, (well...other than the 21 six years olds I go crazy with on a daily basis) so I figure now is a perfect time for this endeavor! 

My "old dog" teacher friends (love you Beth) call me a 6 month old puppy because I have crazy ideas and unexplained spurts of energy.  I guess it's because I know that God has called me to the classroom and the adventure of teaching.  He fills my brain with ideas, fills my body with energy and fills my heart with love for my kiddos.  However, that is not to say I don't have those days.  You know the ones I mean.

I'm not exactly sure what this blog will hold.  It may one day hold links to my future creations of units on TPT.  Most likely it will contain some of my crazy ideas that I come up with in the most random moments of my day.  But it will definitely share the moments of laughter when kids do say the funniest things or those days where I leave school in tears either from exhaustion or simply from a heart breaking for my kids.  

Wow...lofty goals eh!  Only time will tell what this holds. Good night friends.  Blessings to you!

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