Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fun Fridays + 2 Hour delay = Great Day!

Since earlier this year, every Friday morning starts out the same in the first grade hallway.  DANCE PARTY!!!!  We wake up out brains by dancing and singing to the song Friday.  Although Rebecca Black's song has been dubbed redundant and obnoxious...its a hit with the first grade kiddos!  This is clearly evident by the controlled chaos of 120 first graders (and maybe teachers ;) jumping and dancing in the hall!

Yesterday we started our Friday with a two hour delay.  Even though it makes it a little difficult to fit in all our weekly tests, I will have to say I just love having a slow moving morning before heading off to school.  The kids were a little restless but settled down after lunch.
I have decided to make Friday's our FUN FRIDAY MATH DAY.  We take a break from the normal math lessons and have centers that focus on the different skills that we have been working on.  (And of course FUN FRIDAY MUSIC IS A MUST!)

Here students are playing dominoes.  Some weeks they do domino addition or subtraction, but this week we worked on playing a group game together.  
 Playing cards are awesome to use during math centers.  Very little setup and there are a variety of games that can be played.  War...for number sense.  Addition war...where the first person to correctly add the numbers gets both cards.  And I just recently found a Pin in Pinterest that gave me even more ideas for my playing cards.  Yay Pinterest!
This week we introduced the hundred chart and have been working to understand the patterns and placement of numbers on the chart.  Here the students took turns calling a number and then one student found the number on the Smartboard while the others covered the number on their hundred chart.  I was proud of how well the groups worked together!!

May all of your Fridays be FUN FRIDAYS!!!

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  1. what a fabulous teacher you are!! your kids are truly blessed to be in your class :)