Monday, January 30, 2012

As part of our preparation for our class play, Where Are My Animal Friends?, we made window panes looking out to trees in each of the four seasons.  Below are the steps... 
Window Frame: Black construction paper 12"x12"
Window Panes: Light Blue construction paper 5"x5" (4 per student.)
Tree Branches: Ellison Die Cut Baby Handprint Brown 4 per student
*I also used the scraps from these for the little piece for the tree trunks.  
I decided to glue all of these together myself...I didn't last year and it wasn't so successful.  
Then with step by step instructions on my document camera and lots of scrap paper (pink, green, yellow, red, orange, and white) we tore the pieces for our trees.  I like torn paper projects...but it mainly because too many of my kids can't find their scissors :) 

Spring: Pink Blossoms, Leaves, Rain Cloud
Summer: Green Leaves and Sun
Fall: Colored Leaves and Wind Swirls
Winter: Snow on Trees, Falling and Ground

This got me wanting SPRING!!! :)  


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