Monday, January 30, 2012

As part of our preparation for our class play, Where Are My Animal Friends?, we made window panes looking out to trees in each of the four seasons.  Below are the steps... 
Window Frame: Black construction paper 12"x12"
Window Panes: Light Blue construction paper 5"x5" (4 per student.)
Tree Branches: Ellison Die Cut Baby Handprint Brown 4 per student
*I also used the scraps from these for the little piece for the tree trunks.  
I decided to glue all of these together myself...I didn't last year and it wasn't so successful.  
Then with step by step instructions on my document camera and lots of scrap paper (pink, green, yellow, red, orange, and white) we tore the pieces for our trees.  I like torn paper projects...but it mainly because too many of my kids can't find their scissors :) 

Spring: Pink Blossoms, Leaves, Rain Cloud
Summer: Green Leaves and Sun
Fall: Colored Leaves and Wind Swirls
Winter: Snow on Trees, Falling and Ground

This got me wanting SPRING!!! :)  


Friday, January 27, 2012

My first FREE item on TPT!

After encouragement from my teaching buddies...I decided to make a mini math unit for the Super Bowl next week!  So tonight I created a PayPal account...created a Teacherspayteachers account and booyah...I added my first unit.  I got 16 downloads while I watched the movie Courageous!  Wow!  Maybe next year I will have added some literacy too.  I have ideas, but just not enough time!  Keep an eye out for more units and such to come!  I might be a little too excited about all of this!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Very Special Guest!!!!!

If one would could describe Tanya Crevier that would be it! ENTHUSIASM! Tanya Crevier is the World's Best female basketball handler.  She has traveled around the world displaying her skills and sharing with people from prisons, to NBA games to my first graders! Tanya has been a lifelong friend of mine and was in the area this week and graciously came to give our Wednesday morning a exciting boost!  
She encouraged my students with the following things:
-"If you mess up, NEVER GIVE UP!"
-"Readers become leaders."
- "Finish what you start."
-"When you keeps the happy in your heart."
Eating pudding with a ball spinning on the spoon!
My students had the opportunity to each get a basketball spun on their finger, eat pudding from a spoon with a spinning ball, and show off a few tricks of our own.  It's too bad every Wednesday can't start with a pep talk from Tanya!  

Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fun Fridays + 2 Hour delay = Great Day!

Since earlier this year, every Friday morning starts out the same in the first grade hallway.  DANCE PARTY!!!!  We wake up out brains by dancing and singing to the song Friday.  Although Rebecca Black's song has been dubbed redundant and obnoxious...its a hit with the first grade kiddos!  This is clearly evident by the controlled chaos of 120 first graders (and maybe teachers ;) jumping and dancing in the hall!

Yesterday we started our Friday with a two hour delay.  Even though it makes it a little difficult to fit in all our weekly tests, I will have to say I just love having a slow moving morning before heading off to school.  The kids were a little restless but settled down after lunch.
I have decided to make Friday's our FUN FRIDAY MATH DAY.  We take a break from the normal math lessons and have centers that focus on the different skills that we have been working on.  (And of course FUN FRIDAY MUSIC IS A MUST!)

Here students are playing dominoes.  Some weeks they do domino addition or subtraction, but this week we worked on playing a group game together.  
 Playing cards are awesome to use during math centers.  Very little setup and there are a variety of games that can be played.  War...for number sense.  Addition war...where the first person to correctly add the numbers gets both cards.  And I just recently found a Pin in Pinterest that gave me even more ideas for my playing cards.  Yay Pinterest!
This week we introduced the hundred chart and have been working to understand the patterns and placement of numbers on the chart.  Here the students took turns calling a number and then one student found the number on the Smartboard while the others covered the number on their hundred chart.  I was proud of how well the groups worked together!!

May all of your Fridays be FUN FRIDAYS!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello Blogging World...

Well, after my recent encounters with Pinterest, TPT, and many awesome teacher blogs, I have now ventured into the world of blogging.  I have no idea what to expect or if I will even be able to keep it up, but here goes nothing!  I don't have kids yet, (well...other than the 21 six years olds I go crazy with on a daily basis) so I figure now is a perfect time for this endeavor! 

My "old dog" teacher friends (love you Beth) call me a 6 month old puppy because I have crazy ideas and unexplained spurts of energy.  I guess it's because I know that God has called me to the classroom and the adventure of teaching.  He fills my brain with ideas, fills my body with energy and fills my heart with love for my kiddos.  However, that is not to say I don't have those days.  You know the ones I mean.

I'm not exactly sure what this blog will hold.  It may one day hold links to my future creations of units on TPT.  Most likely it will contain some of my crazy ideas that I come up with in the most random moments of my day.  But it will definitely share the moments of laughter when kids do say the funniest things or those days where I leave school in tears either from exhaustion or simply from a heart breaking for my kids.  

Wow...lofty goals eh!  Only time will tell what this holds. Good night friends.  Blessings to you!